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Veterinary Instruments Set

We are available with different kind of Veterinary Instruments , like Hoof Triming Set , Distokiya set , Aronamotamy set, Postmortem Set for large Animal,Postmortem Set for Small Animal,Teat Surgery Kit,Obstetrical set for large animals,Fetotomy set, Thygen’s embryotome highly nickel polished complete with wire saw and two handle for large animals ,Hook set with calving rope for extracting living or dead calf ,Vaginal speculum 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" ETc

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S T I Instrument kit INR

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S T I Instrument kit

R.T.I. / S.T.I. Instrument kit Sr. Item 1 HBS.Ag Kit (100) strip 2 VDRL Kit (25 tests) 3 Uristic (1 Bottle) 100 test 4 Centrifuge Machine 5 Cover...

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We are Available with Different Type of Veterinary Instruments Kits C Type Retractor – 1.5” Width – 2 Pcs. 2. Plain Forcep – 10” - 1 Pcs....
Teat Syrigery Set INR

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Teat Syrigery Set

Teat Surgery Kit in a velvet lined case containing 1 No. Long Fine Teat Bistoury Sharp Pointed S.S 1 No. Long fine Teat Bistoury Probe Pointed S.S 1...
Vaginal speculum INR

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Vaginal speculum

We Are available with Vaginal speculum in different sizes for large animals and small animals

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