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Teat Syrigery Set


Teat Surgery Kit in a velvet lined case containing
1 No. Long Fine Teat Bistoury Sharp Pointed S.S
1 No. Long fine Teat Bistoury Probe Pointed S.S
1 No. Hug’s Teat Lancet S.S
1 No. Teat Knife Triffin S..S
1 No. Teat Knife Mclean’s S.S
4 Nos. Milk Syphon Self retaining & adjustable
2 Nos. Teat Tumour Extractor Hug’s
1 No. Teat Tumuor Extractor with 3 rings
1 No. Teat Dilator with screw
1 No. Teat slitter with single concealed & adjustable Blade
1 Set Teat Instruments Hudson’s set of 3
1 No. Teat Scissors with slender Blades S .S
20 Nos. Teat Plug Plastic
2 Nos. Teat Injection Tube SS
1 No. Barret;s papllitome
1 No. Teat Tumour Extractor American Pattern
1 No. Teat Opener, Grooved ---------do-------
2 Nos. Teat Plug, Bulbus

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