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Equine Hydraulic Surgery and Examination Table

Product standard certifications*
Certification No and Date*
Manufacturers Quality Standards*
Performance Parameters
Material of table*
material of Table shall be non corrosive and durable*
Weight bearing capacity of table in kg*
Value should be >= 300
Brakes for swivel casters*
No of swivel casters provided*
Cleaning of Casters*
width of the main frame(in feet)*
The length of the main frame(in feet)*
Value should be >= 7
No of Removable dorsal props provided on both sides of mainframe*
Mechanism of movement*
No of Lifting cylinders provided*
The capacity of hydraulic tank(in litre)*
The power of the operating motor(in HP)*
Power supply*
Motor Enclosure and switches*
Control panel of the hydraulic system*
The material of hydraulic lines*
Washability of the table*
Water Drainage system*
Tilt provided through the hydraulic system*
Centre bed provided on table top*
width of centre beds in inches*
Length of centre bed in feet*
Value should be >= 7
Thickness of high grade padding of bed in inches*
Value should be >= 2
Maximum height of table in inches*
Value should be <= 35
Minimum height in inches*
Value should be >= 20
Height of the wheels in inches*
Value should be >= 5
Dismantling of table*
Protection of the style pin*
size of removable Corner hinged wings provided*
The placement of the wings*
Minimum tilt positions for all the wings provided*
Adjustment of tilt position*
Size of centre hinged wings*
Head rest option provided*
Type of head rest*
The adjustability of the head rest*
The placement of the headrest*
Provision for leg support*

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