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Cordless Horn’up versus others dehorners:
A better approach to reduce the pain when
Manage by a « in house » microprocessor which:
• Start cycle at 700°C (1300°F) instantly
• Keep the same temperature during the 7s cycle
• Work outside at temperatures below 0°C (32°F)
• Lifetime battery Nimh up to 30,000 cauterizations
• Minimum 40 calves par charge (80 maximum)
• Best investment in long term: 7 to 10 years lifetime
• Reduce time for end users (2 horns = 14 seconds)

How to use the Horn’up:
Calf must be between 5 & 20 days
• Head of the calf cannot move during the cauterization
• Use and follow legislation of your country for Anesthetic(s)
• Shave where the bud is (help to locate bud)
• Put the Horn’up on the bud
• Apply on the Horn’upmedium pressure
• Push on the trigger
• KEEP finger on the trigger until the end of the 7s. cycle (HU will stop automatically)
• Make rotation left & right of 45° during the 7s. cycle
• When cycle ends, check:
1. Cauterization is 4 to 5 mm deep
2. Circle of cauterization is uniform all around
(if not, apply a second cycle)
• Spray a disinfectant

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