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Sterilisation Gas: Ethylene Oxide
Sterilisation method: Cold strilization of heat sensitive material
Operating Temperature for Sterilisation cycle: 33 to 55 degree C
Print facility for record generation of Batch Number, Date, Pressure & Temperature on Time coordinates: Yes, by an inbuilt Printer unit
ETO Steriliser should be able to run minimum essential cycle programs: (i) Sterilisation cycle for heat sensitive objects that ensure temperature in the range of 30 to 55 degree C, with subsequent aeration for protection of the operating personnel. (ii) Aeration cycle/programme to extract residual gas out of the sterilised objects after each sterilisation cycle. (iii) Automatic chamber evacuation cycle with subsequent venting before releasing the door lock for opening, thereby prohibiting exposure of the operating personnel by the gas dissolving from the chamber walls during shutdown period. (iv) Gas disposal arrangement/catalytic converter.
Provision of pollution control device (such as catalytic converter or equivalent compliant with local pollution norms, if any) appropriate for safe disposal of Ethylene Oxide used in sterilization process: Yes
Type of Installation In-wall installation
Overall Height: 300 millimeter
Overall Width: 300 millimeter
Overall Depth: 900 millimeter
In-built software facility for download data of Sterilisation cycles record; Batch Number, Date, Pressure & Temperature on Time coordinates, using USB/RS232 port facility: Yes
Sterilizer Chamber Details
Sterilizer Chamber: double walled, with smooth inner surface (to minimize gas deposites) and made of corrosion and gas resistant material
Material of Sterilizer Chamber Stainless Steel: SS 304 grade
Insulation Sterilization Chamber shall be insulated against heat emission and its zacket shall have water circulation cycle based cooling arrangement.
Sterilisation Chamber capacity: 100 liter
Availability of suitable vacuum pump and gas trap to separate and evacuate gas from sterilisation chamber: Yes
Sterilizer Chamber Door
Type of Steriliser Chamber Door: Hinged Door
Features of Steriliser Chamber door : Automatic operation (with manual override facility in case of auto mechanism failure) with Quick release locking arrangement
Safety Feature(s): Safety interlocking facility in door to ensure sterilisation process starts only when door is properly locked in position and also not to allow door opening during running of the sterilisation process.
Number of Doors: 1
Accessories, Consumables And Warranty
Accessories: Sterilisation basket of suitable size: 1 no., EO gas Cartridges- 50 nos., Packaging material with chemical indicator of all sizes- 1 roll each.
Consumables: Sterilizer unit to be supplied with consumables including packing material sufficient to carry out sterilization cycles (No) sufficient for 50 sterilization cycles
Comprehensive Warranty 5 year
ETO Sterlizer manufacturer has compliance to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 or the latest certification as applicable: Yes
Availability of Test Report (To be furnished by Seller to Buyer on demand) from Central Govt/ NABL/ILAC accredited lab to prove conformity to specification and ability of ETO unit to achieve complete pathological/microbiological elimination Yes

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