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Number of stations in multigym 8
Exercises which can be performed Lats Pull Down, Seated rowing, Ground Pulley Rowing , Horizontal leg press, Pee Dec/Butterfly,Vertical Chest Press , Incline Chest Press , Bicep Curls , Tricep Press Down , Leg Extensions & Leg Curl, Side Lateral Raise , Shoulder Press , Abdominal Crunches
Coating on cable of multigym nylon coated to 3/16 mm
Welding The welded parts shall have double effect welding with high mechanical strength
Bending The parts with bends shall have traceless and smooth bend
Lubricity of the guide rod shall ensure the user’s safety Yes
Provision of pulley Pulley shall provide travelling in upward and downward direction
Adjustable pulley Adjustable to various position and levels
Provision of Built-in pull up bars with multiple grip positions Yes
Facility to perform cable crossover exercises Yes
Provision of Integrated graphic information panel showing correct exercise position Yes
Seats & back supports shall be adjustable Yes
Back rest inclination adjustment back rest inclination adjustment at different level of inclination for user
Method of weight retention magnetically retained weight selector pin
Range of motion limiters in mm 1000
Facility of pressing & pushing handle to have multiple position grips to target essulated muscle groups Yes
Pulleys shall be provided with sealed ball bearings Yes
Warranty in years 1
Material And Dimensional Parameters
Material of main frame of multigym Powder coated stainless steel
Thickness of mainframe of multigym in mm 2.5
Material of cable of multigym Solid steel wire
Diameter of cable of multigym in mm 5 mm
Maximum load which cable can bear in Kgs 1500
Material of guide rod No.45 steel
Weight of multigym in Kg 300
Weighting stack of multigym in Kg 380
Overall Length of multigym in inch 300
Overall Width of multigym in inch 200
Overall Height of multigym in inch 100
Maximum User weight in kg 100

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